Example Projects

Soteria Safe Driving Project (http://soteriasafedriving.com/)

I participated on a team of four to help create a car-mobile device that can automatically detect safe driving. The method used was convolution neural networks trained to recognize images. The algorithm was trained on an amazon web services EC2 instance and once trained efficient enough able to run on a raspberry pi.

Twitter Scraping

Scripts that utilize the twitter API to scrape keyword data and run network analysis to determine density of cross-talk between users. The data can then be hosted online using dynamic javascript visualization for easy distribution and consumption.

Optimal Bid Modeling using Neural Networks

Use neural networks and other machine learning methods to optimize bid pricing for auctions; win more for less and maximize profit.

Twitter Bot

Plug-and-play twitter bot for scalable viral marketing

AI Chat Assistance “Chloe”

A slack bot that can read webpages and books and respond to queries based on what it learns. It can also automate your email and google calendar using chat commands.

Map Reduce

Harness the power of big data with map reduce algorithms using hadoop framework. Processing terabytes of data in parallel.